There is a misunderstanding. It’s not between Republicans/Democrats, or liberals/conservatives, it’s simply between believers/nonbelievers. It’s not about politics, it’s about principles and morals.

* Abortion. If you believe that thing doesn’t become human until birth, you are a nonbeliever. If you believe the soul enters a child’s body at conception, you are a believer. If you do believe life begins at conception you have a moral obligation to vote for the candidates that most reflect your beliefs. Example: If you saw a friend being beaten to death, do you call 911 and try to stop it or do you let your friend be killed?

* Gay marriage: If you believe marriage is possible for a man making love to a man or woman making love to a woman, you are a nonbeliever. If you believe marriage is a basic human and social institution, handed down from God, you are a believer. These truths about marriage are present in the order of nature, in Genesis and the New Testament.

Do you vote because of feelings? Or do you vote no and keep our current marriage law between a man and woman?

Laws should not be changed because of feelings. Laws are based on facts and moral law.

What has changed in the last four years? What do you really believe?

Connie Craven


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