Today, voting Republican means voting for the party of enriching the rich while job creation stagnates, of blaming the poor for Maine’s economic anemia, and of Gov. Paul LePage’s insurance reforms, which have small business getting drastic premium increases.

Over half of Maine’s budget shortfall is due to the governor’s tax cuts.

People who want more meanspirited ideology should vote Republican.

Incumbents Dennis Keschl and Tom Saviello, Republicans representing the 83rd House and 18th Senate districts respectively, have consistently supported the LePage agenda.

Saviello would have government stop doing its regulatory job of protecting public interests. Keschl has voted 90 percent with LePage’s program.

There are alternatives. Democratic candidates Pamela Boivin (83rd) and Joanne Dunlap (18th) bring the promise of new energy and ideas, of a deep sense of fairness and determination to work on behalf of all Maine people. We can do better, and should.

Ed McCarthy