Family, friends, even some political opponents, agree that Republican Sen. Roger Katz, District 24, is a nice guy.

This election, however, is not about being nice. It’s about legislation and policies that affect everyone.

On the issues, Katz has failed the people of Maine. His record is appalling. Katz voted with LePage on taxation and the budget, while slamming workers with votes that subvert workers rights, inhibit occupational advancement, undermine workers’ compensation and weaken unemployment insurance.

The Republicans’ attack on workers will make life harder for many. Don’t be fooled. When it counts, Katz will vote with the 1 percent. The banks, insurance companies, and corporations come first for Katz and Gov. Paul LePage.

Those who see Katz on Election Day should give him a big smile and a warm handshake, then go cast their ballot for Democrat Penny Plourde, his very nice and entirely more worthy opponent.

Christopher McKinnon


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