My name is Sandi Chouinard and, according to the Republican Party, I’m seeking to represent House District 54, under the alias of Democrat Catherine Nadeau.

The Republican Party ran an expensive mailer last week with Nadeau’s name under my picture.

Since I’m not a Maine resident, I must decline the honor of being District 54’s representative, especially since Nadeau is much more qualified than I am.

I wonder why the Republican Party not only didn’t catch the error before it went to print last week, but repeated the error in another expensive mailing this week.

Doesn’t anybody at Republican headquarters proofread their work? Obviously, wasting their contributors’ money on mistakes like this is not a problem for the party.

Last week, I blew it off as an expensive typo, but after this week, I believe ineptitude and incompetence is at the root of this debacle.

How can Republicans say they know anything about Nadeau when, obviously, no one there even knows what she looks like?

If these ad campaigns are an example of the quality of “excellence” represented by Republicans, then I’m not convinced their attention to detail in Augusta is very high either.

Quite frankly, these are hard times for everyone, and the residents of District 54 deserve a representative who’s involved enough with her campaign to catch such basic mistakes.

Perhaps it’s time the job was turned over to someone who cares enough about the people in her district to stick to the issues that are upper-most in everyone’s mind. In my opinion, Nadeau is far more qualified to represent District 54’s interests and concerns in Augusta than the incumbent Republican.

On Nov. 6, perhaps residents of the district will also agree.

Sandi Chouinard

Methuen, Mass.

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