Pamela Boivin and Joanne Dunlap, Democratic candidates for House 83 and Senate 18, would bring to Augusta a wealth of experience building careers and serving people, and a sense of fairness which recognizes that Mainers are in this together.

Boivin has been a single mother getting the education that enables her to contribute in the fields of child protection and domestic-violence prevention.

Dunlap followed a teaching career with building a successful small business, and serving her community. They promise positive energy and ideas in a Legislature which badly needs them.

Like other Republicans, Sen. Tom Saviello and Rep. Dennis Keschl bring different principles, and a track record. Both supported key elements of the governor’s agenda. The rich get tax cuts while Maine remains 45th in job creation, and the budget gets balanced by stigmatizing the poor.

It’s time for new faces in our Legislature.

Al Bersbach


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