I have had two personal experiences with Democratic Rep. Sharon Treat, House District 79.

Over the last year, I sent her a series of emails about pending legislation. She answered all of them in a thoughtful, personal and appropriate way. I understand that she does this with everyone. No correspondence goes unanswered. No request for help is ignored.

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to drive her around West Gardiner as she visited likely voters. After each visit, we talked about it briefly. It struck me how sincere was her effort to understand what each family’s issues were and how long she spent discussing those issues with them. This was grassroots, get-out-and-know-your-constituents campaigning. Old-fashioned maybe, but I liked it a lot.

Her resume alone is enough to convince most people that she is the most-qualified candidate. Her humanity is a bonus.

Adam Tomash

West Gardiner

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