When I was feeling the most jaded about the status quo in Augusta, the citizens of my district elected a man who gave me hope.

Rep. Larry Dunphy, R-Embden, is no politician. He’s not a smooth talker, nor is he in the pocket of special interest groups. He’s not interested in making personal gains from his position.

Dunphy’s got strong opinions and a strong set of ethics. He tells it like it is.

Dunphy’s also interested in the facts; taking the time to listen to both sides of a debate before casting his vote — always with the goal of doing what’s right for his constituents and the state of Maine — regardless of the pressures applied in the halls of the Capitol.

Maine needs more men like Dunphy. I intend to vote for his re-election.

I hope my neighbors in House District 88 will join me.

Karen Pease

Lexington Township

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