On Nov. 6, residents of District 58 will have an opportunity to cast a vote for an honest and hardworking citizen with a history of working to find solutions.

I had the opportunity to work with Lori Fowle, Democratic candidate, during her tenure on the Vassalboro School Board and found her always to be a good listener, aware of all stakeholders, fiscally responsible and well informed.

School budget development is a large part of the job of a school board member. Lori always took her job seriously working to find a way to respond to taxpayer needs while providing a quality education for Vassalboro youth.

In addition, Lori will look you in the eye, mean what she says and always follow through on commitments. She is real, trustworthy and a true leader committed to public service. Vote for Fowle, Democratic candidate for House District 58; she’s a winner!

Dianna Gram


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