Using God to make a case for a political position is a very dangerous thing. It can breed judgment and hate.

Laws are of people. God is the single source of perfect creation and life. The minute a human brings the perfect creator to the human battle for power, the potential for Satan’s work of divide-and-conquer enters.

For you must take a side for a political view against people of God, because they are on both sides of every human issue.

Although God knows the results of all contests before they are even held, I believe God does not take sides in politics or baseball or any human contest.

God is and we humans must battle it out. God loves all including “those sinners on the other side of your political issue.”

Be sure to vote. Be sure to search your own beliefs and the teachers of your faith as you consider who and what to vote for. Keep God with your family, the people in your house of worship and in your heart.

Thank God for our democracy and the privilege to resolve these differences without violence.

Stephen Crate


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