CHESTERVILLE — The Chesterville Heritage Society recently celebrated a milestone with an open house at its new headquarters in the old fire station at the town’s center.

Approximately 50 people attended the event, at which artifacts were displayed, refreshments were served, and the Society’s sign was unveiled. Marilyn and Malcolm Turner, long-time supporters of the Heritage Society, pulled the cord to expose the sign.

Visitors saw the progress that has been made in refurbishing the former fire station, and the collection of locally relevant historical documents and artifacts the society has collected since 1988.

The building was offered to the society by the town in 2005, following the construction of a new fire station in 2000. Since then, the organization has worked to raise money for the major repairs needed.

After receiving construction estimates that were out of reach, the group took on the repairs without a contractor. Working solely with volunteers, and with discounts from Hammond Lumber, donations and skills of members, the building is now suitable for housing the society’s collection. Jim Harris, a scaffolding assembly foreman, supervised the majority of the construction, investing more than 600 hours of his time to complete the work.

The building will be used for monthly meetings during warmer months of the year, but will be closed this winter.

For information, call 778-2863.

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