I’ve known Colleen Lachowicz, Democratic candidate for Senate District 25, for about eight years, since I was in Waterville Junior High School. She’s always been a person that helps others. I’m voting for her because she cares more about people than any other candidate I’ve seen, maybe anyone at all.

The whole time I’ve known her, she’s always been cheerful and positive. That’s why I’m shocked that the Republican Party is attacking her. She’s actually been there and helped people who needed it. Maybe it’s because I’m young, I don’t know. I just don’t know why people would do such terrible things to someone just to win an election.

All I can say to anyone is that if you met her, you met the same person I know. She cares more about people than anyone. Trust yourself and give her your vote. She’s the best we can send to Augusta.

Emily LeBeau


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