My son, Matt Pouliot, is the Republican candidate for House District 57.

I have known a few things about Matt and his character since he was a very young guy, yet I now know that others know it, too.

Matt graduated from the Kennebec Leadership Institute a few years ago. During one of their exercises, others had to describe Matt in one or two words.

He gave this list to me with my Mother’s Day gift: Energetic, compassionate, entrepreneurial, funny, precise, dedicated to community, well-spoken, unassuming, charismatic, idealistic, hard-working, reliable, friendly easy-going, smart, curious, bright future, confident, approachable, grounded, good speaker, good friend, visionary, mission driven, committed, resourceful, helpful, man of principal, connector.

Talk about being proud.

I believe that Matt is the right person for this job and the right new voice in Augusta.

Please vote for him on Nov. 6. He will make a difference.

Lisa Pouliot


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