I am writing to express my displeasure with the latest propaganda in my mail. The “Citizens Who Support Maine’s Public Schools” sounds like a group that cares about education, which is one reason I am incensed.

The dishonest attack on Republican Rep. Deb Sanderson, House District 52, and misrepresentation of Elizabeth Miller, Democratic candidate for District 52, leads me to consider that this organization may be motivated by something other then our children’s education.

The truth? Under Miller’s three terms in office, a total of six years, the 55 percent state funding requirement for local schools was never met. Further, during those six years while Miller held office the state’s contribution decreased.

More truth? These last two years, during Sanderson’s term, the state’s portion increased while the budget allocated an additional $63 million for school funding.

Do not treat us like fools. “Citizens Who Support Maine’s Public School” — not.

Cynthia Rosen


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