I am writing in support of Question 3 on the ballot this year.

Question 3 would secure a $5 million bond for the Land for Maine’s Future program, a critically important program that has ensured public access to land and supported working farms since 1987.

Land for Maine’s Future not only ensures public access to the outdoors. LMF helps conserve working farms, productive forest lands, commercial waterfronts, recreational areas and valuable wildlife habitat. LMF supports Maine’s environment and economy at the same time.

Land for Maine’s Future has been vital in maintaining and improving outdoor recreation in Maine and has an outstanding record of success at conserving Maine’s natural resources. By conserving all kinds of land in every county in Maine, it has protected the outdoor activities that so many of us cherish.

LMF is one of the state’s most popular programs. Maine voters overwhelmingly passed bonds for LMF in 1987, 1999, 2005, 2007 and 2010. Every LMF dollar brings in three dollars of matching funds for land conservation.

Passing Question 3 will help ensure that LMF can continue to do good work, protecting special lands in Maine for today and future generations.

I urge voters to continue to show their support for Maine’s great outdoors and vote yes on Question 3 on Election Day to secure a $5 million bond for the Land for Maine’s Future program.

Phil Downes


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