If anyone in Maine isn’t aware of the huge negative impact on elections the Supreme Court created in the Citizens United decision, now is the time to take note.

Texan Karl Rove, a master at smear campaigns, is using his Supreme Court-approved Super PAC, Crossroads GPS, as a front to spend hundreds of thousands to spew factually inaccurate nonsense about Angus King’s tenure as governor.

Rove was President George W. Bush’s senior adviser and deputy chief of staff during the era that set the stage for our current economic calamity.

Republicans are desperate and know how important it is to gain control of the Senate. They would be able to return to their laissez-faire regulation of Wall Street banksters.

Their credit default swap type gambling operations has brought about worldwide economic problems. Rove, with his scurrilous political ads, shows he is ignorant about Maine government and economics in general.

Jim Chiddix


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