We need to send business-minded people to Augusta. People that are able to reach across the aisle, work together to do what is best for our Maine people and someone that will vote yes on the bills that help create jobs in Maine.

Donald Skillings, Republican candidate for House District 85, is a businessman who knows what it is like to build and operate a business in Maine.

In regards to supporting business, Democratic Rep. Jeff McCabe, House District 85, says he is a supporter. However, his voting records tells another story. The truth can be found in the “Roll Call,” a report published by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce at the end of each legislative term.

For the just-completed 125th Legislature, McCabe scored 30.91 percent out of a possible 100. This score falls under the state Chamber’s rating of “very weak supporter of Maine’s economy.”

Vote for Maine’s future; vote for Skillings!

Diane Caffyn


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