A recent letter writer asked, “Who is Grover Norquist anyway?” So I looked him up.

He is the Republican lobbyist that created the No Tax Increase Pledge. So far 238 representatives and 41 senators have pledged to oppose all tax increases and all reductions of tax deductions and credits. If any of them violate this pledge they will most likely be defeated in the next primary.

This means that even if a tax increase is a wise choice, as Barack Obama says, or if Mitt Romney says he will offset tax cuts by eliminating deductions, either can never happen as long as the signers are in office.

Republicans have foolishly discarded their ability to compromise, a fundamental pillar of democracy. This one lobbyist has Congress by the throat and has done significant damage to America. And Congress, for its part, has granted him more influence over our government than 300 million citizens.

Brad Sherwood


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