This is in response to Kim Lane’s letter about abused animals, in the September 25th newspaper.

She is right. Our animals deserve our respect, overall well-being and most of all our love. You should treat your animals as you would want to be treated. If you can’t, you should not have one.

I have observed a dog, tied to a dog house, all tangled up in the lead, for as long as 12-15 hours a day, with no food and water, in all kinds of inclement weather.

I have complained numerous times to the Animal Control Office in Augusta and to the Waterville Animal Control Officer. They were powerless to help the dog because Maine law states: “If the animal has a dog house, it’s considered acceptable.” I was informed that the legislators would need to change the law.

To me, this is clearly animal abuse and the Legislature needs to change the law. Don’t you?

Charlene M. Henry


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