There’s been a lot of whining and sour grapes coming from the GOP, FOX “news” and Romney supporters. They blame the poor GOP election results on the “lamestream” media, people wanting handouts, Obama running a mean-spirited campaign, Hurricane Sandy and Chris Christie. They should be blaming themselves.

The truth is that prior to the elections, the Republicans went after and alienated teachers, government workers, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, young people, unions, Hispanics, Moslems, immigrants, and practically everyone but rich fat cats. They ran the most dishonest campaigns I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, setting a very poor example of honesty to our young people.

Luckily, the majority were not fooled by Romney and the other GOP shameless liars who weren’t “going to let factcheckers dictate their message.” Voters weren’t deterred by all the GOP efforts nationwide to suppress and disenfranchise voting, and most were appalled by such GOP efforts to try to fix elections in their favor.

The majority of voters were not impressed by rich GOP PACS spending unlimited money to try to trick voters into voting for them with dishonest ads. Our votes can’t be bought. The truth counts.

The majority of voters know that Bush/GOP policies got us into this mess and it was unrealistic to believe Obama could fix the GOP mess in less than four years (especially with GOP Congressional members obstructing all jobs bills proposed).

The voters realized that going back to those same old policies of tax cuts for the rich and the failed GOP trickle down prosperity ideology is just pure fantasy. Thank you voters for not letting yourselves be fooled by the GOP this time.

Rob Washburn


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