NORTH ANSON — Carrabec High School recently announced its first-quarter honor roll.

Seniors — high honors: Tucker Atwood, Megan Cole, Sarah Larlee, Brittany Nile, Morgan Pluntke, Arielle Rolfe and Shelby Royce.

Honors: Avery Boucher, Danyell Coro, Aaron Fitzmaurice, Samantha Gray, Katherine King, Tamika LaCroix, Brandon LeHay, Maria Liberti, Caleb McCoy, Kristina Robinson, Darren Sheridan, Megan Sylvain and Tyler Voter.

Juniors — high honors: Troy Dunphy.

Honors: Ebenezer Anton, David Demers, Katelyn Forsten, Kaitlin LaCroix, John Layman, Brooklyn Lewis, Levi Murray, Skyla Murray, Wyatt Nelson, Terry Post and Taylor Shaw.

Sophomores — high honors: Emma Foss.

Honors: Nichole Adams, Nichole Bowman, Kobe Cancel, William Coldwell, Nicholas LeBeau, Jordan Peterson, Emma Pluntke, Chelse Pray and Jerzee Rugh.

Freshmen — high honors: Brandon Dixon.

Honors: Bailey Atwood, Devon Ayotte, Andrew Bowman, Ezekiel Chapman, Liberty Chestnut, Deborah Ellis, Peter Gilbert, Autumn Holzworth, Tyler Reichert, Kate Stevens, Morgan Steward, Mickayla Willette and Andrew Wilson.

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