MADISON — The Vets R Us Homeless Shelter for Veterans, at 55 Main St., owned by Erwin and Shirley Emery recently elected its board of directors. They are: Chairman Louis Padela, Vice Chairman Edward Aublesky, Secretary Harriet Bryant and Treasurer John Bryant.

Three-year trustees are John Bryant, Marie Wing and Ralph Withee. Two-year trustees are Erwin and Shirley Emery and Edward Aublesky. One-year trustees are Dawn Worthley, Harriet Bryant and Louis Padela. The coordinator is Carol Dyar Eaton. The clerk is Ernest Hilton.

The bylaws submitted by Attorney Ernest Hilton were approved.

Much needed donations to the “Vets R Us” homeless shelter for veterans can be sent to Camden National Bank in Madison. The donations will be used to help get the shelter up and running.

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