I want to talk about a problem at my school. Many kids at my school are being bullied by other kids.

I don’t like bullying because kids are getting hurt. I don’t think kids should bully because some of the kids don’t want to return to school after they get picked on.

Bullying is not just one kid picking on another but also can be a group of kids picking on another kid more than once. They also might be hitting them or really hurting their feelings.

Sometimes the kid being bullied will do something horrible to themselves. They may even take their own life or cut themselves.

So bullying is not funny. I’m hoping kids wouldn’t want their worst enemies to be taking their life or cutting. Kids are being made fun of because they way they talk, act and dress. Everyone is not perfect.

My friend was being bullied by another student and she didn’t want to come to school, but I told her a lot of kids wanted her at school. But the other girl kept bullying her. So I went to a teacher and told the teacher about the bullying. The teacher took care of it.

My friend and the other girl still don’t like each other but she is not getting bullied anymore. That was the only thing that mattered to me.

Bullying to me is kids showing off to other kids. To show they are cool or can run over others. Most bullying happens at the playground to kids with no friends.

So bullies should remember that if they bully too far they may cause the other person to cut themselves, hurt themselves or even end their life. Would they want this on their mind for the rest of their life?

Dakota L. Crawford

Age 11, sixth grade


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