New laws were enacted as of Aug. 30 for drivers on intermediate and provisional licenses.

The old penalties for provisional drivers were 30 days suspension for the first offense, 60 days for the second offense, and 90 days for the third offense. Now the penalties are 60 days suspension for the first offense, six months for the second offense, and 1 year for the third offense.

New penalties provided for intermediate drivers are even worse.

How are they going to gain experience if they can’t drive? Wouldn’t it make more sense to make new drivers hold their permit for at least a year to gain the experience of being behind the wheel?

New drivers need time to become experienced drivers.

If a new driver gets a fourth suspension, that’s another year, which now means the driver has lost their license for two years. When they get their license back after the two years, their provisional license is over, and now they are on the road with no experience driving.

Whoever thought up these laws certainly wasn’t thinking.

Tracy Alexander


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