Each morning when I walk across Mainstream Bridge to tend my livestock, I am reminded by a sign to “Remember Me.”

I remember well the slim, graceful girl who was my granddaughter’s classmate in Harmony. Also her mother, who was a friendly day care worker for Heidi after school.

Amy went on to higher education, married and had two children. She became a teacher in Dexter before meeting with an untimely death, together with the loss of an entire family.

Remembering and sympathy, however, do not restore life. Some effort must be made to understand causes to prevent future family violence.

Tell-tale signs are misunderstandings, lack of communication, income and education disparity, separation, envy, jealousy, threats.

There is a need for clergymen to make house calls to families in distress, regardless of denomination or lack of one. The New Testament is about light and faith, forgiving and abundant life.Violence and ruin stem from the purpose of a dark common denominator. No breath of life. Not one stone upon another. Ground zero.

Russell Vesecky


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