After reading about Coach Wes Littlefield, several things need to be pointed out.

I am a veteran football official of 45-plus years on the field, which regarding this matter, makes me an authority of nothing but the rules of the game. Having said that, however, during the administering of several games per week over my career, I have dealt with many coaches and observed many things especially the behavior of many coaches, teams and their players.

Here are a few facts reflecting my experience officiating Messalonskee football games. Littlefield always promoted good football and always demanded fair play from his players.

During his tenure as head coach at Messalonskee, his teams received team sportsmanship awards multiple times. This award is given by the Waterville Chapter of Football Officials each year to the area team with the highest sportsmanship rating.

It’s amazing how people forget the fact that football is a very physical and violent sport, regardless what some people may choose to think of it. People, parents and fans alike all cheer when they witness a violent hit by their player on an opponent, even if that player is badly injured. But then they get all bent out of shape when their little brat gets bumped on the face mask by a coach. “Sue, fire, arrest” is suddenly the cry of many with hidden agendas.

Legendary coaches from this area that stadiums are named after were much more aggressive toward their players than Littlefield. And as for lawyer Walter McKee, he is by far no authority on who should or shouldn’t be a football coach. Who is he kidding?

Lewis P. Pelletier


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