“A majority of Maine people like the new direction of Maine’s government,” George Smith tells us (Nov. 28).

Oh yeah, George? Maine people approve of tax breaks for the rich, health care for the healthy and public funding of private schools? They support conservatives who reject conservation projects to protect Maine land, air, and water? Is approval of the “new direction” the reason why the majority party in both legislative houses was turned out on Nov. 6?

I don’t think so.

Smith himself concedes, “Republicans made some mistakes last session.” He follows up with a laundry list of things to do or undo as a result of two years of Republican domination.

I have a laundry list of my own. Topping my list is modifying charter school legislation.

If the state wishes to charter private schools, the state should fund them. Local property taxes should go to fund local public schools where the education is under local control.

Additionally virtual charter schools should not be funded at all. Video education has been a proven failure (see MEA report). Teachers educate. Computers alone do not.

Jonathan Robbins


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