We lost our golden retriever on a recent night and went out looking for him. We couldn’t find him all night, nor all the next day.

We had called all sorts of places, including the police stations in both Waterville and Fairfield and the Humane Society.

All weekend long, we searched for our dog, worried that someone had stolen him or that he had been hurt while out and that this was the last we’d see of him.

Then two days later, we headed out to look at the Humane Society to find that it had received a call about someone who had picked up a golden retriever and was looking for the owners.

The staff at the Humane Society helped to share our information with him, and we met him just a few hours ago. He had been taking wonderful care of our dog, even giving him a bath, since he had earlier been sprayed by a skunk.

We were told how his family had fallen in love with our dog and how much he would have loved to keep him, but that he simply couldn’t have kept him knowing that another family was out there missing their dog.

We are very grateful that such a kind young person took our dog in for the weekend, and even more grateful to have him back. It was really refreshing to see such kindness; the dog means the world to us.

Karen Rafferty


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