Maine Gun Owners Association’s President Jeff Weinstein’s (article, Dec. 21) suggests that teachers carry guns in schools.

“The best and only protection you have from the bad guy’s gun is your own,” is as tactical as suggesting the best way to protect yourself from drunken drivers is to drive drunk yourself. This thought won’t resolve anything.

Is Weinstein willing to pay all salaries, training, liabilities, consequences etc. that could go wrong? Should our teachers — society’s biggest component of love and compassion for children — bring a weapon in schools? What about school socials, football, soccer or hockey games?

If this is logical, shouldn’t we also arm priests and ministers at their workplaces?

Wouldn’t it be more rational to stop paying millions to lobbyists and politicians to advocate gun ownership?

I’m guessing members of the Maine Gun Owners Association pay dues. Would Weinstein be willing to stop collecting money that supports his gun agenda that enables these killings? Is Weinstein willing to cease manipulating scientific and statistical facts? Is he willing to acknowledge the intelligence and professionalism of police and their suggestions to Vice President Joe Biden?

I agree with Weinstein’s assertion to evaluate mentally ill and potentially violent people. Are he and his members going to lead the way and be evaluated as well?

I have many questions and suggestions, but here’s one. When a person drives his car out of his driveway into public domain, there are rules and regulations. Any vehicle is considered lethal. The same is true of guns.

For a person to take a gun off his property into public domain, he also should have a license, insurance, yearly registration, inspection and a sticker.

Denis M. Rioux


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