Have we a newly identified domestic terrorist? I just read the definition of terrorism. I’m going to stretch it a little, but it makes me wonder about the political system and our elected officials.

They hold the country hostage and create panic on the markets, create fear in the public about our future and affect the health of the population. That’s all done with political posturing, improper spending and poor management of our financial trust.

They cripple our economy with tax increases and fail to control the gluttony of monetary gain through obscene oil prices and medical costs that ruin a family.

I have no problem with free enterprise and the ability of a person to earn a fair wage and grow a business. It is after all a free nation, but so much is done at the expense of the working class and, truthfully, it has always been that way.

I guess the big thing is we never seem to learn from our past and the old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is ultimately true. Then there is the middle ground where those who exist in it hold their own and pay for the other two.

I appreciate our country, but at times I just have to wonder about such things. I also have to wonder just how far we will go in recognizing the rights of others to the point of infringing on the principles of the Constitution giving us all the right and freedom to be who we are.

Ed Wheaton


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