You and your paper are to be commended on your series on deadly force.

Time and time again I have read about a police officer or other public servants firing on and killing the person. Within a short period of time and after the investigation the event has been justified. I know they all cannot be totally justified. Your articles makes that clear. You point out the Attorney General Office in Maine has found them all justified and that in itself begs a question and you have brought it to light. I hope this sparks an attempt to better train our men and women who are on the front line with their lives in danger.

I can understand the fear when they really are not sure what the attacker has in his hands. Can you imagine what the shooter felt like when he killed a man in a wheelchair with no legs and just a pen knife?

People with mental illnesses need help, and we have got to try and see that they get it.

A letter to the editor was in the paper from Belgrade indicating we should give equal time to the other side. I guess I would just tell that letter writer to read about Newtown.

Thomas J. Brazier


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