I have some thoughts about the article on Jan. 1, “Gay pair turned away for wedding” at Litchfield Town Office.

Maybe times have changed or I am just getting old. When I got married 25 years ago, if I had wanted the town office employees, who are notaries, to marry me, and if it would have spoiled my day if they didn’t have time or refused, I would have stopped in or called ahead of time to inquire what the process involved.

I certainly would not expect any town employee to ignore legitimate town business and taxpayers who are waiting to process business that can only be done in a town office, to meet my personal needs.

I am a notary and thankful that I do not have to perform marriages as a marriage is a commitment that should not be taken lightly.

Divorce is much too painful, and I am not qualified to counsel anyone on the pitfalls of a hasty marriage. Town employees, notaries or not, should not be expected to perform marriages. Neither should anyone else. Maybe if more thought were placed in the process, there would be fewer painful divorces.

The Kennebec Journal should stop trying to create issues where there are none.

Cal Brown


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