Our form of government has changed from a federal republic to an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a form of government in which control is exercised by a group of individuals whose authority is based upon wealth or power.

China, our competitor, has no defined government form, only a mandate by the old communist form of government while it transitions to a combination socialist government and capitalist economy, unlike any known before now.

The mandate of its government and ours is the same: peace and tranquility of the people through prosperity. The oligarchy cannot stand, or peace and tranquility shall leave our streets.

China starved a whole generation of old people to get the capital to build prosperity for the future generations. Why are we starving and freezing our old, why do our disabled vets litter the streets and homeless shelters? Our government has been seized by the oligarchy, who say, “Down with Social Security and Medicare.”

Bruce E. Clark


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