Larry Davis’ letter to the editor, “EBT cards should be used to help the truly needy,” in the Dec. 28 Kennebec Journal, tells us about a guy observed in a local convenience store buying beer, smokes and lottery tickets with an EBT card.

I had a similar experience. Several weeks ago I was behind a mother and two youngsters in the express check-out line of a local supermarket. Included in her small purchase was a box of Froot Loops and an expensive Yankee-type candle in a jar with lid. She paid for her purchase with an EBT card.

Subsequently, I wrote to my local representative, doubting that the Froot Loops were proper nourishment for children on welfare and doubting that a candle in a jar qualified for monetary assistance. I asked if something could be done to stop such abuse of taxpayer dollars. Her response: It’s a federal program; nothing I can do about it. Well, someone has to do something about it because it has, as also pointed out by Davis, become a widespread abuse of taxpayer dollars. Since the abuse is local, local government representatives should be harping on federal government representatives to change this freebies program. Either that or give the rest of us EBT cards so we can purchase Froot Loops, beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets on the government’s dime. Beer on Froot Loops instead of milk? Sounds good; sign me up!


William Flanders

West Gardiner

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