My son asked, “Why do they want to take our guns away?”

I said the point of gun control is to discipline the entire U.S. for the actions of a few people.

If one person in a million is mentally deficient and that person murders someone, what should we do? He said, “Punish the person who’s killing.”

I said some people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Someone used a gun to hurt people, so they want to take them away to protect themselves.

“Does that mean they are going to take the baseball bats away or cars or even knives when they kill with those?” he asked. No, I said, because people consider those necessities.

“Is a gun a necessity?” he asked. Yes, I said, it is to defend yourself when the police can’t get there fast enough. To protect the United States if another country was to invade and most of all to defend our constitutional rights against enemies — even if they are our own politicians.

If they take away the rights of the people to bear arms, they take away the ability to protect what our forefathers gave us.

Criminals or mentally ill will not follow our laws and they will walk over them and destroy us. We the people deserve the right as put forth by our forefathers to defend ourselves. They should stop trying to punish us all; we need to be able to defend our Constitution.

It is our responsibility to throw off such government when there is a long trail of abuse. Don’t give our ability to defend all by giving up our Second Amendment Rights.

Jim VanAntwerp


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