The Board of Environmental Protection will meet on Thursday at the Augusta Civic Center to decide whether bisphenol-A should be banned from infant and toddler food packaging.

BPA is the chemical banned from baby bottles and sippy cups in Maine 2008 because it has been linked to cancer, learning disabilities and other health problems. The Department of Environmental Protection has recommended that the board not extend this ban to food packaging.

As a grandmother of two young children, I can’t help but wonder how this chemical could be banned from sippy cups and bottles but is acceptable in other infant and toddler food packaging that comes in contact with the food our precious children ingest.

Alternative packaging is available, and businesses such as Campbell’s and even Wal-mart have yielded to pressure to help eliminate this chemical for children’s products.

I urge the Board of Environmental Protection not to yield to the decision of the Department of Environmental Protection and put our children first.

Diane Potter


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