A proposal for a commuter option between Lewiston-Auburn and Portland is being discussed, with bus and rail as the proposed options. I believe we should take this initiative as a new beginning for transportation in Maine.

Google and others have perfected automatic vehicle operations, no driver. Natural gas is abundant and cheap; natural gas buses can be purchased off the rack, combined with kiosk and home computer we’d have a sensible delivery of services meeting actual demand. Tie it to zip cars and we would have an opening into the 21st century transport.

Maine should encourage natural gas charging stations and vehicles, as well as automation for public and private transport.

As a Green Party member, and an engineer, I believe practicality and economy rule.

My second choice would be an electric trolley. In 1910, a person could travel from Moosehead Lake to Iowa, but the infrastructure was replaced long ago by asphalt and rubber tires. With the electric trolley, it was local communities meeting local needs that expanded the system to Iowa.

Today, should oil be interrupted, few could get to work. Transportation is the key. Portland to Lewiston-Auburn, let’s show the way.

Bruce E. Clark


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