Imagine a world where each day you are verbally assaulted by a barrage of derogatory, demeaning, demoralizing insults. Day after day, you and everything you believe in, everything you have devoted your life to, is trashed and disparaged in newspapers, magazines, online, on talk radio and on television.

How much of this could you take before you lose your drive and ambition, your self-confidence and self-esteem?

Those of us employed in public education are passionate about our careers. we are devoted to helping young people learn, grow, explore and achieve their dreams. We work selflessly and tirelessly, constantly updating our teaching methods and finding new ways to engage and educate our students. We bring endless amounts of energy and passion to our daily work lives, giving our best to help students flourish academically, socially and emotionally.

When we are continually assaulted by a barrage of insults, slams and trash talk, however, after a while, we become demoralized, feeling somehow that we are ignominious evildoers, evil antagonists — villains bent on terrorizing the good guys and sabotaging all their efforts to do good in the world.

The villain who composes this letter would love to live in a world where a political leader puts a positive spin on his demands for school reform. A world where politicians see problems as challenges to be surmounted, rather than opportunities for cruel finger-pointing and blame-laying.

A world where the young people benefit from a positive political role model who conducts himself with graciousness and tact, who solves problems with thoughtful, purposeful action and who sets an example by listening closely and respectfully to others.

There is at least one person who has the power to take us there.

Susan E. Melcher, Bowdoin

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