WATERVILE — Mid-Maine Technical Center announces its second quarter honor roll. Students from Waterville High School, Lawrence High School, Winslow High School, Messalonskee High School attend MMTC.

Automotive collision repair — high honors: Julie Steiner, of Messalonskee; Zachary Lahneman, of Waterville; Dustin Fitch and Joshua Wilde, both of Winslow.

Honors: Kristopher Denis, Derick Dumont and Dorian French, all of Lawrence; Kalib Bernatchez, Patrick Breton, Phillip Cooper, Brian Grivois, Justin Rollins, Dylan Stevens and Christopher Turner, all of Messalonskee; Jordan Savage and Ashley Sencabaugh, both of Waterville; Tyler Lunt, of Winslow.

Construction technology — high honors: Zachary Leighton, of Lawrence; Jeffrey Joslyn and Dakota Witham, both of Messalonskee; Benjamin Wehry and Samuel Wehry, both of Waterville.

Honors: David Cannon, Howard Hubbard, Kyle LeClair, Molly Moen and Ian Wyman, all of Lawrence; Alexander Barns, Antonio Bellavance, Cody Brown, Jacob Collins, Andrew Devine, Brian Massey, Corey McKenzie, Trevor Meader, Tylen Pooler and Angel Robinson, all of Messalonskee; Michael Theriault, of Waterville.

Culinary arts — high honors: Drew Jones and Lynsey McKeen, both of Lawrence; Dakota James, of Messalonskee; Aiyana Cain and Jayme Saulter, both of Waterville.

Honors: AnnMarie Hannon, Brittnie Lawler, Abigail Poulin and Sabrina Whiting, all of Lawrence; Aaron Bard, Brian Jones, Ethan Pease and Elizabeth Weeks Otis, all of Messalonskee; Keelan DeVogt and Sacharis Tirado, both of Waterville; Victoria Harvey, Chauncy Paradis and Dustin Williams, all of Winslow.

Digital graphics — high honors: Megan McAvoy, of Messalonskee.

Honors: Stark Duphiney and Luke Genness, both of Lawrence; Carl Chadbourne, Raymond Halliday and Marinah Stefanizzi, all of Messalonskee; Ceira Emerson-Moody and Samantha Jamison, both of Waterville.

Early childhood education — high honors: Moriah Brickett, of Lawrence; Jessica Adams and Rajel Hippler, both of Messalonskee; Kassey Kreer, of Waterville.

Honors: Victoria Blaisdell, Angalina Bottiglierie, Allison Colson, Lindsey Guimond and Erica Petrie, all of Lawrence; Christina Blanchard, Nicole Collier, Tandaway Cunningham, Alexis Dobos, Natasha Paradis, all of Messalonskee; Elizabeth Denis, Emily Pullen, Teakesha Sanford, all of Waterville; Reagan Cain, Brittney Chase, Sara Gilbert, Loreli Rich, Tamerlaine Seamans and Haley Small, all of Winslow.

Electrical technology — high honors: Spencer Sweatt, of Lawrence; Christopher Trembly, of Messalonskee; Jonathan Farrell, of Winslow.

Honors: Zachary Alley, Edward Blake, Kathleen Brackett-Davidson, Isaac Perry and Dalton Steward, all of Lawrence; Jacob Archer, Alisha Biddle, Sheridan Gustin, Dylan Hawes, all of Messalonskee; Robert Gaskey, of WALT; Brian Bellows, Troy Gurski, Evan Thurlow, Brandon York, all of Waterville; Leland Bradford, Mason Poirier, Cody Speropolous and Benjamin Wolfe all of Winslow.

Emergency services — high honors: Michael Benecke, Rachyl Clement, Kaitlyn Davis, Cailyn Gordon and Caelin Kelsey, all of Messalonskee; Hannah Allen, of Waterville; Kelsie Moore, of Winslow.

Honors: Audriana Fortier, Jacob Julia and Morgan McCaffrey, all of Lawrence; Colleen Biegon, Logan Bucknam, Alexander DeWitt, Roger Green and Makenzie Kohler, all of Messalonskee; Ellen Walsh, of WALT; Amber Bowles, Nathan Gromek and Dillan Labrie, all of Waterville; James Colford and Walker Thompson, both of Winslow.

Information technology — high honors: Aaron Audet and Mitchell Bolieau, both of Lawrence; Samantha Bonczyk, Joshua Fenlason and Codey Seavey, all of Messalonskee; Jacob Montgomery, of Waterville; Ryan King and Daniel Paradis, both of Winslow.

Honors: Jesse Boudreau, of Lawrence; Collin Knox and Dallas Shores, both of Messalonskee; Jonah Anderson, Darren Forkey and Michael Pratt, all of Waterville.

Mass media communications — high honors: Taylor Crawford and John Rohner, both of Messalonskee; Alexander Munro, Jaymes Riley and James Robe, all of Waterville; Connor Chapman, Kyle Gravel, Jordan Hachey and Myles Welsh, all of Winslow.

Honors: Jonathan Cook, Anthony Dimarco, Joseph Dionne, Ashley Jandreau, Erik Mathews and Dustin Wood, all of Messalonskee; Garrett Derosby, of Waterville; Patrick Ayers, of Winslow.

Medical careers — high honors: Molly Bell, of Lawrence; Jessica Fullerto, Mercedes Roy, Kai Smith, Zigmunt Streznewski and Hanna Turgeon, all of Messalonskee; Kelsey Marcia, of WALT; Jenna Bryer and Jenna Gagnon, both of Waterville; Amber Bourassa and Raven Reynolds, both of Winslow.

Honors: Jade Ames, Makayla Conley, Heather King, Megan Macfarland, Taylor Mushero and Brooklyn Strohman, all of Lawrence; Sarah Brazz, Mariah Bryant, Katlyn Conant, Maggie Quirion, Chelsea Thyng, Emma Vieta and Megan Winter, all of Messalonskee; Emily Cabana, Sarah Cabana, Victoria Corrigan, Lindsey Giggey, Marisa Jolicoeur and Valerie Spaulding, all of Waterville; Alice Cole, Kayleigh Holbrook, Mackenzie Richard and Britany Whitaker, both of Winslow.

Precision machining — high honors: Ty Guerin and Cameron Tibbetts, both of Winslow.

Honors: Jacob Blodgett-Cummings and John Clifford, both of Lawrence; Dakota Allard, Brenden Bouchard, Nicholas Cummings, Casey Cummings, Dylan Gagne, Matthew Haney, Dylan Mitchell, Blake Philbrick, Lewis Ryder, Zachary Simpson, Justin Tillson, all of Messalonskee; Jacob Littlefield, of Waterville; Logan Hewes, Edward Kimball, Benjamin Lambert, Gregory Manocchio and Eric Petito, all of Winslow.

CTE Academy — honors: Jacob Doyon and Klint Hall, both of Messalonskee; Ciara Miller, of Waterville; Kacy Boutot, Thomas Clark, Garrett Lower, Christopher Morissette and Dominic Pare, all of Winslow.

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