Waterville area residents are very fortunate to have good medical and dental providers. I broke a tooth and thought it would have to be extracted. Not only did a dentist save it but he filled two others and it was totally painless. He is located in the Concourse (easily accessible) and is very smart, and he offers discounts for seniors.

My primary care doctor at Elmwood is also very smart and easily accessible. He makes you feel like he truly cares about you and is easy to talk to.

My favorite grocery supermarket is at Elm Plaza, big enough, but not too big, friendly and electric carts. It is right next to my favorite department store, which also has electric riding carts, and I know where to find everything. It has a rewards card also.

Good beauty salons, specialty shops, restaurants, churches and on Thursday all pasta dishes are half price at a restaurant in the Concourse, again easily accessible.

We actually live in Fairfield with very caring neighbors and another good restaurant that gives discounts with a card purchased from Lawrence High School athletes and a rewards card also. We are 79 and 88 so we split a meal and they do not charge for an extra plate.

Best of all my Morning Sentinel is delivered about 2 a.m. so I am reading it and doing the crossword at 2:30 a.m. Then I doze in my recliner for a couple hours.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I would not swap living in Maine for any place else.

Alice Gilbert


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