Maine property owners should not be fooled by Gov. Paul LePage and the Republicans’ latest folly regarding revenue cuts and the fallout to property taxes.

Choosing the hospital debt as a defendable and convenient trigger, the Republicans are attempting to render the new Legislature in an unfavorable light, at all our expense.

The hospital debt was there during the past two years, when the now-motivated Republicans did nothing about it. LePage, who always shirks his responsibility and sheds state burdens onto municipalities and therefore property owners, is simply at it again.

A far better approach is to address these costs and shortfalls on a statewide basis. Income and/or sales taxes at least spread the burden more fairly amongst all Mainers. The sales tax also would bring additional revenue from tourists.

The fiscal situation is ugly and LePage and the Rs make it uglier by dumping their responsibilities onto Maine’s working class who own property.

Shame on the governor and shame on Sen. Roger Katz for their public statements supporting this type of political nonsense. The truth is for two years Republicans did not care about paying hospital bills, so they should stop embarrassing themselves now with such a battle cry. They should do their job and use state revenue to address state obligations.

Ernie Canelli III


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