Words utterly fail to describe the shock, horror, sadness, anger and disbelief I felt when I heard about the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. I can’t understand how such a sick, evil monster can walk among us undetected.

More gun control is not the answer. What about all the high-capacity magazines already out there? Banning them will only create a huge black market.

The only real answer and the one they can’t do all at once is: Ban all guns, through registration and then confiscation. They have to do this in small steps.

If I was conspiracy-minded, I’d say the Newtown killer was a mind-controlled government pawn and more are out there, waiting to do more mayhem if this event doesn’t do enough to sway public opinion.

The government wants a disarmed populace because it’s easier to control.

I find the thought of being disarmed before such evil truly frightening. Whatever gun laws the elite career politicians like Joe Biden push through I find it my duty to resist. He thinks rights allowed the faceless masses should be granted by the ruling class.

Do people really think taking an item away will stop some monsters’ evil thoughts and dreams? They will find a way.

Then what? Ban fertilizer?

To a small-minded godless society on a downward spiral, everything happens randomly and accidentally, and they live in a constant state of fear and paranoia.

God works in mysterious ways and we cannot see the reasons he lets things unfold the way they do.

Everett Young


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