Robert Vitolo’s letter of Jan. 8 and Michael A. Cameron’s letter of Jan. 16 both state the same thing: The rights of the United States should be protected.

No matter who the person is — Gen. U.S. Grant with a few drinks and a single-shot musket or a person chemically charged by bath salts and PCP with a 90-shot clip — times do change.

I have three moose permit tags and shot three moose. This looks good on my jacket, but I am not proud of it. I ate the meat and would have eaten the heart and liver, but was told I shouldn’t because of health issues caused by heavy metals.

If I need a weapon to provide food, OK. The National Rifle Association saying we need assault rifles in case we are invaded is ridiculous.

How many civilians and how many guns would it take to defeat a few F-18s Blackhawk helicopters, aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, Titan missiles, etc.

Arming the people against the U.S. military is just crazy. Why not become part of the U.S. military? Aren’t we all in this together?

If someone kicks in the door of a house, chances are it is for drugs or for weapons. If the homeowner has none, he should not be worried. Anyone who needs a high-capacity magazine and an assault weapon may need a pit bull. too.

Putting armed guards in schools will be fine until one day a trusted cop will snap. Then what?

Edwin Y. Morris III


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