I have been reading the letters to the editor for some time and have written a few. I have come to these conclusions. Some of you would rather give this country over to our enemies then go against your political party. Others try to put new meaning into our laws and our Constitution. To begin with, if you want to know what the Constitution of this country means, what the Founding Fathers meant, it is all there in books.

The Second Amendment was not put into the Constitution for hunters or sport shooters, it was put in the Constitution so that we the people could protect ourselves against a government that no longer feels it has to listen to the people, in other words, to protect our country from becoming a dictatorship. “The right of the people shall not be infringed,” not the right of the militia, but, “the right of the people.” I never owned a gun until this government started attacking our constitutional rights. There is no provision in the Constitution that says no automatic weapons for the people, no assault weapons for the people. It simply says, “the right of the people shall not be infringed.” If you want to know what they meant by this, read some of their writings about the Second Amendment. It is there for all to see, if you want to.


Gary Kitchen


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