I share Jim Andrews’ disappointment as expressed in Another View: “Trahan’s Compass does nothing to advance gun-control debate,” (Jan. 22).

I seems that David Trahan, executive director of Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, can’t seem to write or say anything that doesn’t sound like it was provided to him by the National Rifle Association.

In fact, I suspect it was. I also suspect that the NRA provides significant financial support to SAM, in return for SAM’s promise not to take any positions on gun control that are other than the NRA’s own.

Perhaps George Smith could write a column based on his personal past knowledge of SAM’s relationship with the NRA.

How much does the NRA support SAM, and in what ways? Is SAM allowed to take positions on gun issues that differ from the NRA’s?

If Smith, or Trahan, for that matter, won’t answer these questions, will they please tell us why they won’t?

As a Maine sportswoman, I feel there are a great many reasonable ways that guns can be better regulated without violating the Second Amendment.

Linda Harvell


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