What’s missing in our children’s lives?

I am writing about the president’s Inaugural address. Before his speech, we were lucky enough to listen to the other speakers.

A minister addressed us with the words of God and said God’s words and blessings are needed to lead our country and president. He said God is needed to ensure peace, love and blessings on our fellow man — all men no matter what his color, race etc. God is needed to help us recognize the goods of our land.

The minister also said we need to pray for God’s blessing to produce equality, honesty and truth among men.

Yet we deny it in our schools and homes. Bullying and prejudice is growing in our schools, homes and society. Children are no longer taught the simple rule of “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Or, when they turn a person away, are mean, harass, ridicule etc. it is also God they’re treating that way.

These lessons from childhood remain in my life and still make me think about actions and decisions I make every day.

What’s wrong with this picture, that we praise God and ask him to help lead our president and his decisions yet can’t talk about him in school?

I’ve worked with children for more than 30 years, and I find something is desperately missing from our children’s lives.

Donna M. Doucette


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