Every time we have some act of violence involving guns, the politicians come out of the woodwork calling for bans on guns. For the most part they seem to be anxious to promote their own future. The president went on prime time TV and made a great speech. (He really has good speech writers.)

Banning guns is a lot like banning sex, it won’t work. The same is true of liquor, banning that did not work, either. I also expect to see pot legalized as making it unlawful now is not working.

We take a lot of guff from the misfits we have sent to Washington, since it is our fault they are there in the first place. When they start banning stuff, however, that is where the buck stops.

Even though our freedom has been eroded over the years, we still have some and banning more is going too far. Our problems started years ago when some well-meaning souls decided we shouldn’t discipline our kids in school or at home, at least by the old methods. Now we are paying the price.

Animals do a better job of bringing up their kids than some people do today. God bless America.

Ezra Smith


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