I am responding to the letter by Bets Brown, public policy chairwoman of American Association of University Women of Maine, published on Feb. 3.

Brown represents the AAUW when she describes the concern for women who were victims of botched abortion before abortion-on-demand was legalized 40 years ago.

The AAUW is to be commended for its advocacy for fairness in the marketplace. In the past 40 years, it has advocated for equal pay for women compared to men. The association stands for a noble cause, to make our world a more just world. It is a point of view that respects clear thinking and passion for higher moral ground.

The AAUW, however, should remember that it is never morally acceptable to perpetrate evil for the sake of a noble cause. The end never justifies the means. It is offensive to state that there is cause for celebration of abortion-on-demand for 40 years, during which perhaps 55 million babies have lost their lives to abortion.

This is an offense against all who think and care about women. Women are speaking publicly and candidly about their own abortions in the Silent No More Awareness campaign. They are documenting how abortion hurts women emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and mentally. (www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org).

Abortion exploits women; the facts are being well documented. AAUW needs to provide authentic and charitable advocacy, not harsh, hurtful advocacy that disregards the rights of others, the right to life.

Robert Swegart


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