Politicians, if they are to have friends and influence people — and who among us doesn’t strive to have friends and influence people — must conform to the somewhat tyrannous dictates of the many.

Hence, none of us can appear to worry unduly about mountainous deficits and debts. We all must chant the popular point of view, “Hey, I don’t like it, who does, but ….”

Consequently, sad to say, acceptance and inertia can appear to be the behavior of cowardice. Inflation and the silence of the coward go hand in hand. However, as we sip our favorite wine — yes it’s expensive, but what the heck — we take care to not think about the agreement we made with the devil.

We put our soul in hock for Sybaris. We have enjoyed the deal. We lived the good life to the hilt. My hope is that I’ll be long gone before Mephistopheles comes to collect.

There is this: The devil isn’t in the forgiving business. If that holds, see you at his place.

Victor Lister


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