I want to thank the newspaper for its Feb. 19 editorial concerning the state’s case against a Falmouth couple accused of letting teens drink at a party on their property.

When adults create the opportunity for teens to drink or use other drugs (such as marijuana) by hosting a party — or simply by being silent on the issue — they put teens and themselves at considerable risk.

Many adults consume alcohol safely and in moderation. Teens, however, are unlikely to do anything in moderation. Is this bad? Of course not: Testing the limits to figure out what is all right and what’s dangerous is part of growing up.

This does mean, however, that when teens drink, most young people don’t stop at a glass or two; they “binge” drink (five or more drinks within a few hours), as documented by Maine student survey data. And heavy drinking creates lots of serious risks.

So, we should all take on the challenge: Prevent access to alcohol by our young people. Help our youth grow up safe and strong.

Neill Miner, Southern Kennebec Alliance for Substance Abuse

Prevention, Augusta

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