I am thrilled that our governor and our legislators were able to fast-track a bill to protect our concealed weapons permit holders.

When push comes to shove in the halls of our State House, if that is their priority, then to date myself and use an old quote, “Houston, we have a problem.”

I wish they would please stop giving the rest of the world reasons to question the sanity of the people in our state. They should work on needed legislation (whoopie pies?), and not pass knee-jerk reaction legislation just because our governor was so proud to display his concealed weapons permit. Once again, he showed himself to be in favor of something that he claims to be so against. He’s just a plain bully.

Now we know he has a permit, so what? Same for all the other concealed weapons permit holders, so what?

As for those of us who were part of the 61 percent: Only two more years left with him as our governor — hopefully.

Paul Marcus


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